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Soft Nougat Torrone

Torrone is a traditional Christmas dessert that has several variations depending on the region.

In the US most torrone you can buy is the soft nougat variation with toasted almonds and/or pistachio (pictured above) which is typically sold by Ferara (see link below)

Make your own torrone from Food Wishes. It involves about 1.5 hours of stirring, but it is worth it. Wafer paper is available from a link below.

How soft nougat torrone is made by Termini Brothers bakery.

Sicilian Torrone

Another type would be similar to peanut brittle made with almonds. It is mostly made with sugar and an equal amount of almonds.

The recipe calls for cooking sugar under low heat until it starts to caramelize. It is important to stir often as the sugar can go from liquid to black quickly. The sugar wil also get very hot so avoid touching the sugar in the pan directly. You may want to use a candy thermometer to monitor the sugar temp. You want to keep it in the Hard-Crack Stage 300° F–310° F /148° C–154° C


  • Olive oil for greasing pans
  • 1 lb. granulated sugar
  • 1 lb. whole alomonds
  • 1/2 lemon (for spreading out the torrone)


  • Lightly toast almonds in a pan.
  • Cover a baking pan in parchment paper. Apply olive oil to the top for an extra layer of lubrication.
  • Pour sugar over the alonds in the sauce pan under low heat.
  • Once the sugar is liquified into the "Hard Crack" stage pour in the lightly toasted almonds.
  • Be sure to cover all of the almonds in the caramel mixture.
  • Spread out the torrone mix into the lined baking sheet. Careful, as it is is still very hot.
  • Gently apply another roll of parchment paper over the mix and flatten with a rolling pin.
  • Once it is cool, it is ready to cut into individual bars.

Here is a great video showing you the process.