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Making Espresso With a Moka Pot

If you don't have a daily espresso from a moka pot, chances are that you might have one in your kitchen somehwere.

A simple Bialeti Moka Pot will give you a great cup of espresso. No need for an expensive espresso machine.

If you are not familiar with a Bialetti, the style is a bit different since you do not have the same effect as a short pull from an espresso machine.

When using a Bialetti the best espresso blend is up to you. Lavazza is common and pairs very well with a Bialetti.

If you decide to get other coffee, I would recommend using a medium roast instead of an espresso roast. Medium roasts are used in Italian espresso since it is not as bitter as a typically darker espresso roast.


  • You do not have to tamp down the espresso in the filter like you would with an espresso machine.
  • Use a medium heat when, not a high heat.
  • Use filtered water if available. This helps cut down on the any bitterness.
  • Try not to wait until the coffee boils.
  • Lemon? nope, but it is up to you. There are no rules once you pour it in your cup.